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TIME is the only thing we can be certain of. They're real and that reality has been reinforced everyday of our life.

A prompt from AI art generator of what will be the future city looks like? the result from AI prompt was serve as the artists reference for creating an animated version of cityscape whereas, the background done via traditional watercolor on paper.

The moving random human figures, flying Philippine jeepney and other elements such as clock was created digitally frame by frame.

The piece exhibited in a prominent physical gallery in the Philippines name Kalawakan Spacetime!

Owning this NFT means that you're also the owner of the physical token, 22 x 30 inches watercolor on paper and you may scan it via ARTIVIVE app to enjoy the animated version.

Plaza Lacson, Manila

The piece depicts the everyday life of every Filipino who chose to continue despite the threat of getting COVID-19 during the pandemic in the Philippines. One of the well-known historical squares in Manila. It's rich in culture and story. The background of this piece is originally made in traditional watercolor and digitized the characters via frame-by-frame animation.

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